Grant Information

 At this time, The A.J. Fletcher Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests, letters of inquiry, or proposals.

We invite a select group of organizations to submit applications based on regular independent research, engagement with a wide range of community groups and by monitoring ongoing and emerging strategies based on the priorities set by the Foundation’s board of directors. Though we know that many excellent organizations and programs are active in our state, we are able to consider only a small number for grant awards each year.

The A.J. Fletcher Foundation operates for the exclusive benefit of The Fletcher Academy, A School of Achievement and to support organizations across the state in the following areas:

  • Promoting education or the advancement of preservation of knowledge including without limitation, the operation of a school, college, university, library, or museum.
  • Caring and supporting the elderly, infirm, or indigent.
  • Promoting encouraging, or supporting mass media or other communication arts.
  • Promoting, encouraging, or supporting musical theatrical, visual, or other artistic endeavors.
  • Promoting, encouraging, or supporting public recreation, including without limitation, the support of public parks or playgrounds.
  • Fostering religious faith.


For information concerning our grantmaking process, contact Natalie Fogg, Director of Operations and Grants Administration, at