A.J. Fletcher Foundation supports organizations that are working to improve the lives and well-being of North Carolinians. Through decades of grant making, convening, and capacity building we have learned that tackling big issues takes the concerted effort of many.

It is through engaging everyone in the community that we can make it a better place for all.

We invite you to view our annual report, then share your reflections and ideas on social media. As we work to overcome some of our state’s most pressing challenges, there is a lot we can learn from one another. Fletcher Foundation is committed to doing its part and we look forward to hearing from you about the many ways you are working to improve your communities.

2013 Annual Report


One of our main objectives is to help ensure the strength of North Carolina’s nonprofit sector. In addition to supporting The Fletcher Academy, we support public charities located in North Carolina that work in one of our six funding areas.


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We are:

Connectors · Innovators · Volunteers · Idealists  · Leaders · Friends · Helpers · Doers

Guided by the belief that our community can prosper only if every member of it has an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive, AJF works with visionary leaders and organizations working to make our state better. We are passionate and honored to work alongside those on the front lines of our most pressing challenges.

In the 1930’s, A.J. Fletcher, a lawyer, decided to foray into a new arena – broadcasting. In his history as a business owner, he had a reputation for doing the things that had not been done before. A.J. Fletcher’s enthusiasm for breaking new ground continues at Fletcher Foundation today. We strive to be a leader and inspire others to use innovation and technology to achieve social change and progress.

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Though we support and fund projects in all six of our funding areas, we are particularly focused on the following initiatives in 2014.

Early Education and Public Schools

Investing in young children and bright futures. Ensuring equal opportunity for all children.

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East Durham

Supporting an innovative pipeline model for community-based improvement.

Reema In School

Media and Journalism Innovation

Promoting sustainable models for producing engaging content for a new generation of citizens.


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