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We’re looking for our next Fellow!

We are currently accepting applications for our 2017-18 Fletcher Fellow! Our team is looking for a recent college graduate who is interested in working in the nonprofit sector, and will graduate this May with a degree in one of the social sciences (specifically...

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A Durham charter school gave out more than 150 unearned diplomas over eight years.
What does this say about transparency and accountability for North Carolina’s fast-growing charter school movement?

Part I Following a lengthy internal report conducted by school officials at Durham’s Kestrel Heights Charter School, which found that 40 percent of the high school diplomas Kestrel awarded to students since 2008 were unearned, the state advisory board charged with...

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Looking Forward to 2017

When you work at a philanthropic foundation, a lot of information comes across your screen. Pitches for funding, invitations to events, newsletters, action alerts, etc. It’s a lot. Sometimes too much. Couple that with the explosion of news sites (and fake news sites),...

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Winter 2016 Grant Announcement

We are excited to announce our latest grant recipients. In December, The Fletcher Foundation Board of Directors voted to approve grants to seven nonprofit organizations, totaling $575,000, including multi-year grants. These partnerships demonstrate our strong...

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On Kindness

  [perfectpullquote align="full" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""] "Kindness, like breathing, must be constant in order for it to be meaningful."  -Van Nolintha   [/perfectpullquote] For more than two years now, we've brought you Conversations at...

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Guided by the belief that our community can prosper only if every member of it has an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive, AJF works with visionary leaders and organizations working to make our state better. We are passionate and honored to work alongside those on the front lines of our most pressing challenges.

In the 1930’s, A.J. Fletcher, a lawyer, decided to foray into a new arena – broadcasting. In his history as a business owner, he had a reputation for doing the things that had not been done before. A.J. Fletcher’s enthusiasm for breaking new ground continues at Fletcher Foundation today. We strive to be a leader and inspire others to use innovation and technology to achieve social change and progress.

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