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What we’re trying to do at Duke is really focused on an educational effort. It’s an educational effort for the students at the Sanford school, who are really interested in public policy… but it’s also an educational effort that would reach out to the general public. We hope, over time, that we can put together some materials that would be used in schools, because I think this is an issue that people need to know about. It’s also an issue, frankly, that we need to continue discussion about constantly, so that more people know about it and so that it’s higher up on the agenda for people, for policymakers and others, when time comes to do it again.”

Tom Ross, the Terry Sanford Distinguished Fellow at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, joins us this week to discuss his redistricting education work at Duke in collaboration with Common Cause of North Carolina. Tune in to learn about their independent, nonpartisan redistricting simulation and what has led Tom to this project. 

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