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We like to think that our Thursdays at Fletcher get togethers are a fairly unique networking event. We aren’t trying to build a coalition or start outlining grant proposals. It is not a meeting with a strict agenda. There is no stated goal or intended outcome outside of gathering people together to drink, eat, and meet people they might not usually meet.

Last Thursday, we invited individuals who represent a vast array of nonprofits in the Triangle. The beauty of our work is the diversity in issue areas. From homelessness to early childhood education, we are lucky to partner with people who are experts in so many different fields. It’s only right that we bring them all together.

We pride ourselves on the strength of the talent within our network, and every so often it becomes our pleasure to bring the bright folks we partner with together in one room.  Not just funders, not just executive directors, and not just development officers. People, at any and every stage in their career are represented and wanted at these events.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We look forward to having such a great group of people back next time. Check out some more photos from the event below.

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