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Fletcher Foundation supports public charities located in North Carolina or serving North Carolina residents that have as one of their purposes in the following areas:

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Promoting education or the advancement or preservation of knowledge including, without limitation, the operation of a school, college, university, library, or museum.

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Elderly, Infirm, & Indigent

Caring and supporting the elderly, infirm, or indigent.

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Media and Communication

Promoting, encouraging, or supporting mass media or other communication arts.

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Artistic Endeavors

Promoting, encouraging or supporting musical, theatrical, visual or other artistic endeavors.

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Public Recreation

Promoting, encouraging, or supporting public recreation, including without limitation, the support of public parks or playgrounds.

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Religious Faith

Fostering religious faith.

The Fletcher Academy

Fletcher Academy

Since 1981, The Fletcher Academy School of Achievement has served hundreds of students with learning differences and their families. As the first school of its kind in North Carolina, the Academy focuses on students’ abilities, providing individualized curriculum, consistent structure and processes, and small class sizes. The school provides students with opportunities to discover the strengths of their own minds and to develop learning styles consistent with those strengths. Students’ coursework at the Academy fulfills the NC high school graduation requirement for entry into UNC system colleges and NC community colleges.

For more information, visit their website.

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