KIPP Durham College Preparatory School, located on Holloway Street in East Durham, opened three weeks ago to many excited new students. The first year of students at KIPP Durham, known as the “Pride of 2023” for their future high school graduation year, is made of up of 93 fifth-graders from the area. KIPP Durham will expand next year to a larger facility and introduce a new class of students each year, eventually reaching through twelfth grade.

The AJ Fletcher Foundation is proud to support KIPP Durham as part of our work with the East Durham community and anti-poverty initiatives. KIPP has a record of supporting underserved communities and using education as a tool for empowerment, and the AJ Fletcher Foundation is happy to help KIPP expand these programs into East Durham.

KIPP is a national network of college-preparatory public charter schools known as the Knowledge is Power Program. These schools aim to reach underserved communities, specifically working with low-income and minority students. Nationally, over 86% of KIPP students are from low-income families and 95% are African American or Latino.

KIPP Durham also aims to serve these communities. “KIPP Durham operates with the core belief that every single child, no matter his or her background, income-level, native language, or learning difference, can be successful in the classroom,” says Ben Adams, Director of Development and External Affairs for KIPP Eastern North Carolina (ENC).

In combination with their goal of preparing their students for success in college, KIPP Durham promotes a focus on social justice. “We want to empower our students with the tools they need to strengthen their communities and fight for social justice,” says Adams.

Tammi Sutton, Executive Director of KIPP ENC, reminds students that, “education is your lever to create the world you want.”

KIPP sets high expectations, emphasizes the importance of working hard, and provides tools and resources to help students succeed in and out of the classroom. KIPP plans to partner with community organizations and local leaders to help prepare all students in Durham for college and life.

We wish the best to the Pride of 2023 this year and to the future years of KIPP Durham as we continue to work together to serve the Durham community.

KIPP Photo Jakari

A KIPP Durham student introduces visitors to the KIPP mission and facilities, while standing in front of photographs of graduates of KIPP schools in other parts of North Carolina.

KIPP Photo Multiplication

A KIPP Durham student chants his multiplication tables with hand gestures and rhymes alongside his classmates.

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