About Us

We are guided by the belief that our community can prosper only if every member of it has an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive.

AJF works with visionary leaders and organizations working to make our state better. We are passionate and honored to work alongside those on the front lines of our most pressing challenges.

In the 1930’s, A.J. Fletcher, a lawyer, decided to foray into a new arena – broadcasting. In his history as a business owner, he had a reputation for doing the things that had not been done before. A.J. Fletcher’s enthusiasm for breaking new ground continues at Fletcher Foundation today. We strive to be a leader and inspire others to use innovation and technology to achieve social change and progress.

Funding Areas

Fletcher Foundation supports public charities located in North Carolina or serving North Carolina residents that have as one of their purposes in the following areas:

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Promoting education or the advancement or preservation of knowledge including, without limitation, the operation of a school, college, university, library, or museum.

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Elderly, Infirm, & Indigent

Caring and supporting the elderly, infirm, or indigent.

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Media and Communication

Promoting, encouraging, or supporting mass media or other communication arts.

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Artistic Endeavors

Promoting, encouraging or supporting musical, theatrical, visual or other artistic endeavors.

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Public Recreation

Promoting, encouraging, or supporting public recreation, including without limitation, the support of public parks or playgrounds.

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Religious Faith

Fostering religious faith.

A.J. Fletcher Foundation
909 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27605

Phone: 919.322.2580
Email: contact@ajf.org

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